PART I Catalogue of Primary Entries, Seventeenth Century

387 entries

PART II Catalogue of Secondary Entries, Seventeenth Century

1,366 entries

PART III Catalogue of Primary Entries, Eighteenth Century

1,254 entries

PART IV Catalogue of Secondary Entries, Eighteenth Century

10,464 entries
Nota Bene: See also in Part III, the Primary Catalogue for the eighteenth century, entries of
criticism written by Joseph Addison, Constantin de Magny, Bernard Routh, and others,
and of lives by Elijah Fenton, Samuel Johnson, Thomas Newton, and others.

Appendix A: Suggested Approximate Dates of Secondary Items Listed as “Before 1800”
Appendix B: Works with Alleged References to or Influences from Milton
Appendix C: Dates of Additional Published Items Cited Under Specific Dates

Subject Guide: Detailed linked indices to each part of the bibliography.